SAP Hybris C4C – Editing Form Template with Adobe LiveCycle

At last article, I talked about Easy Form Editor, and it make possible to change a feel things on Form. With Adobe LiveCycle bring us into a next level. Give to us more flexibility to change and manipulating data. And, using Java Script language to make things more interesting. The objective this article, is give an overview about the integration of SAP C4C and Adobe LiveCycle.

1. Customization
1.1. Description
1.2. Downloading Adobe LiveCycle
1.3. Demonstrating the Form Functionality
1.4. Adobe LiveCycle embedded on SAP C4C
1.5. Download the Form Template Locally
1.6. Change the LiveCycle C4C Template
1.7. Upload the C4C Template
1.8. Checking the C4C Template

Article : SAP Hybris C4C – Adobe LiveCycle