SAP C4hana – Cloud for Sales – Transport Management

At the end of a project, it is necessary to transport all your good work for a different tenant (QA or PRD) to be tested by the users. And the previous version of Cloud for Sales, some activities had to be done manually.

After 1808 a new functionality was created to help us to finish those tasks faster.

That functionality is Transport Management, on this document I will describe how to transport objects from source system to target system.

I hope you enjoy it!!


  1. Customization
    1.1. Description
    1.2. Target System
    1.3. Transport Management
    1.4. Defining the Target System
    1.5. Checking the Transport Logs
    1.6. Release the transport
    1.7. Activating the transport on Target System
    1.8. Checking the Object Transported

Article: Transport Management

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